Thanks again for allowing your students to join the Spring League Season for The Yard:  HBCU Esports Alliance (HEA) presented by Gillette!!!

The Spring League Season will begin next Monday, March 8th with Madden NFL21 (1-player Yard Mode) competitions.  Students will earn $25 scholarships for every win during the season (up to $150) plus any playoff victories (up to $2,000).

Website registration ends on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3rd at 7PM EST.  We will the open the student SIGN IN/CONFIRMATION process in our tournament system on THURSDAY, MARCH 4th at 10AM EST for 48 HOURS!!!  Students will receive email instructions using their website registration emails. 

During each league week, students will compete in the following 3 video games:

  1. Monday (6PM EST – 9PM EST) Madden NFL21 on both Xbox and PlayStation / 1 Player Mode
  2. NBA 2K21 (6PM EST – 9PM EST) on both Xbox and PlayStation / 1 Player Mode
  3. Rocket League Soccer (6PM EST – 9PM EST) on either console / 2 Player Mode

Beginning on April 5th, we will add the following 2 video games:

  • NASCAR HEAT5 on PlayStation – 1 Player per school for each (We will provide games to the students)
  • PGA 2K21 on both Xbox and PlayStation – 1 Player per School for each (We will provide games to the students)

Beginning on May 3rd , students will compete in a team format based on teams they will have created through the 8-week process.

Competition Timeline:

  1. Student Registration:  Ends Wednesday, March 3rd at 11:00PM EST
  2. Student Sig-In to League System: Thursday, March 4th at 10:00AM EST
  3. Student Competition Brackets:  Sunday, March 7th at 5:00PM EST
  4. Spring League Season Begins:  Week of March 8, 2021 for 8 weeks
  5. League Playoffs (1-Player):  Week of April 26th (Game Schedule is TBD)
  6. Team Tournament (Team):  Week of May 3rd (Game Schedule is TBD)

We are looking forward to working with you and your students in this fun and exciting effort!  Remember, we are here to support you through the process, so please call or email with any questions.


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